Siv Blyseth
Oslo/Mo i Rana, Norway
I am an Engineer from northern Norway, but have been resident in Oslo, Norway the last years. However I have always had a passion for art.
I‘m an autodidact artist and have forged my own style by expressing emotions and relationships through my brushes. There is a therapeutic effect of creating something, it stimulates the brain in a different way than working in the tech industry does. My paintings are very personal and often biographical, but my aim is for them to still be relatable for the viewer.  In every work of art I make there is a clear story for me, but I am reluctant to share too much as I also want the viewer to make up their own mind.

Upcoming events:
27. Jan-14. Feb 2021: Solo exhibition at H12 Galleriverkstedet, Oslo.
Jun – August 2020: Group exhibition Wangbrygga i Bardal, Nordland
Media and Publications:
19. jun.2020, Helgelands blad : Siv Blyseth med sommer-utstilling på Wangbrygga
26. May 2020, Capsules: CURATORIAL VOLUME.2
2020 Juliannes rammeverksted. Mo i Rana, Nordland